The Club chartered with 43 members and has achieved an impressive record of Service To Mankind.The club briefly reached 100 members during the mid 1990’s but has, for the past 10 years, maintained a steady membership of approximately 50 members.

Members are drawn from a variety of actively working professionals and “Seasoned Sertomans” who now share their past professional experience to make our club and our community one of the very finest in all Sertoma.

After 30 Years of Service To Mankind, Gleneagle Sertoma is the largest Sertoma club in the greater Colorado Springs area and supports the Sertoma International mission objectives to help people who need assistance in overcoming speech and hearing health related problems. We also direct our energy to other projects that improve the quality of life in our community.

Thank You for Celebrating With Us!We are proud to be part of Sertoma, the third oldest civic service organization in the United States, founded April 11th 1912 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Our Leadership

Front Row (Left to Right)

Larry Oliver (President), Eric Emde (President Elect), Garrett Barton (Director)

Second Row (Left to Right)

Paul Dickard (Vice President for Sponsorship), Mary Obenhauf (Secretary)

Last Row (Left to Right)

Todd Sherman (Vice President for Programs), Vicki Wynn (Vice President for Membership), Andy Schell (Director), Joe Gray (Treasurer), Ron Luebben (Sgt. at Arms), Bill King (Director)

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